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0 The Moon In Focus

- Signs, Nodes and Eclipses
 Format: 5.5" x 8.5"  Series: In Focus series  Author: Sasha Fenton  Category: Astrology, In Focus series  Reading Age: Trade/general (adult)  ISBN: 9781903065801  Pages: 178  Buy Now

Harness the Deeper Energies of the Moon!

Sasha covers the Moon in astrology, including the way it acts natally and predictively, by Sign and by House.

Tables of eclipse dates and North Node ingresses, along with many illustrations, enhance the value of this book to the beginner as well as the more experienced student of astrology. Sasha also explains the importance of the Moon’s Nodes, in the natal chart and in predictive work. Eclipses bring events to a head; they can foretell the end of a cycle and the start of a new one. An occultation occurs when the Moon hides another celestial object, and coping with this event can be difficult if it lands on a sensitive area in your chart.

The “In Focus” books in this series encourage you to delve into a variety of subjects, helping you to decide which of them you wish to take to the next level.

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