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2 The Big Astrology Guide: Volume One

 Format: 6" x 9"  Author: Sasha Fenton  Category: Astrology  Reading Age: Trade/general (adult)  ISBN: 9781903065938  Pages: 342  Buy Now

The first of two large volumes packed with astrological information on practically all the data needed to progress anyone in the subject, whether a beginner, more advanced student or an established astrologer.

The two volumes in this massive set offer a feast of astrological insights for beginners and more advanced astrological enthusiasts.

Included in this compendium is revised, updated and enhanced content from four of Sasha Fenton’s most popular titles: Moon signs, Rising Signs The Planets, Predicting the Future, and additional content includes Sun Signs, Aspects and the Midheaven. The Rising Sign explains the influences occurring during childhood, while the Midheaven shows what you should aim for and the reputation you create for yourself.

Read the first chapter to judge the basic characters of your friends and family, swiftly moving easily into more advanced astrology in the Rising Signs section.

Sasha Fenton’s well-known, easily absorbed writing style ensures that you have the best opportunity to fully grasp all the valuable astrological insights into human nature and events affecting us all.

The Planets give an amazing insight into strengths and weaknesses, and you will see how the Signs, Houses, Angles and Aspects bend these influences for good or ill.

Volume two will take you even further into the wide, wide, world of Astrology, and you will soon be delving into human psychology in a way that will astonish you! So much content in each volume ensures that you’ll not be bored for a long, long time. You may also decide to take up astrology professionally, in which case, these books will be a valuable resource in your library.

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