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2 The Big Astrology Guide: Volume Two

 Format: 6" x 9"  Author: Sasha Fenton  Category: Astrology  Reading Age: Trade/general (adult)  ISBN: 9781903065945  Pages: 304  Buy Now

The two volumes in this massive set offer a feast of astrological insights for beginners and more advanced astrological enthusiasts.

Included in this compendium is revised, updated and enhanced content from four of Sasha Fenton’s most popular titles: Moon signs, Rising Signs, The Planets, and Predicting the Future. Additional, new content includes Sun Signs, Aspects and the Midheaven.

In this second volume, Sasha starts with Moon Signs, the Nodes and everything related to the Moon, including the way the Moon foretells the future as it moves along its path.

The second section explores the skills of Predictive Astrology, starting with the Transits and going on to examine every possible way of progressing a chart.

The interpretations in this book will help you to make accurate predictions as you check out each planet, transiting and progressed aspect, and much more!

Very soon, with the help of this book and the first volume, you’ll be able to give useful future advice to your friends and perhaps even paying clients, if you intend to get really serious about Astrology.

The final section dips a toe into many specialised themes, including the fascinating Vertex, which – when activated – propels people into passionate affairs, romantic obsessions, real true love, good or bad luck or other amazing outcomes. You’ll explore and discover the Astrology of Location, Midpoints, Arabic Parts, Decans and Political Astrology.

Sasha Fenton is an internationally recognised astrologer and author, with a well-known, easily absorbed writing style that ensures you have the best opportunity to fully grasp all the valuable astrological insights into human nature and events affecting us all.

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