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2 Pathway to Spirit

- A Journey to Clairvoyance & Spiritual Enlightenment
 Format: 5.5" x 8.5"  Author: Ann Caulfield  Category: Psychism  Reading Age: Trade/general (adult)  ISBN: 1903065356  Pages: 256  Buy Now

The author is a psychic medium; she describes her psychic development, her later professional teaching and she describes how the reader can go about doing the same. Many real-life examples are covered, both personal and from Ann’s students. The book and author are UK-based, but they still make fascinating and educational reading for anyone.

“Neither of us felt nervous the following morning – in broad daylight – but I vowed never again to use that method of contacting Spirit…”

As a small child, Ann Caulfield suffered terrifying experiences. These later abated, but she always felt “different” from those around her. Her eyes were opened by a kindly Indian neighbour, who used his own psychism to protect her from danger. However, it was only when Ann embarked on a serious search for answers that she tried her own pathway.

Ann tells of her training and of her experiences as a psychic medium; she describes her clients, students and the companions that she met along the way. Most of these were worthy people, but not all of them. One particularly shady group turned out to be devil-worshippers, whose sexual antics would fascinate today’s tabloid press…

After retirement, Ann decided to tell us her story, along with her spiritual husband, Peter. She ends her book by passing on knowledge, techniques and advice to those who are searching for their own spiritual pathway.

Ann’s humour and special warmth shine through every page of her fascinating story.

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