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2 Know Yourself, Know Your Partner!

 Format: 5.5" x 8.5"  Author: Mavis Klein  Category: Psychology  Reading Age: Trade/general (adult)  ISBN: 9781903065174  Pages: 160  Buy Now

When looking for an ideal partner, most people start by analyzing the other person; but actually, they need to start by learning about themselves. Mavis Klein has further refined Transactional Analysis by developing five additional personality types that cover any situation. Her top-level qualifications make this a really valuable guide to succeeding in one’s interpersonal relationships.

In an easy to understand way, KNOW YOURSELF, KNOW YOUR PARTNER explains that we are all composed of three psychological elements, which are the Parent, Adult and Child. Each of these items has a separate part to play in what we believe, how we behave and what we expect from others. The ideal is the perfect balance of Parent, Adult and Child, and the aim of the book is to help us understand these concepts and work to improve them so that each one of these aspects of our nature works perfectly.

Many of us are damaged in one way or another and in some part of our psyche; this may be part of the nature with which we were born or by the damage done by our parents and by the society in which we grew up and in which we have to live our lives. Some of this damage occurred even before we were born, while other problems beset us throughout life.

Probably the most accessible book on transactional analysis on the market; it shows how to understand yourself in great detail, demonstrates the psychology of relationships and offers tips on how to make them work

Mavis shows how we can learn to understand ourselves before trying to understand others, as that way we’ll avoid common pitfalls in love relationships, working connections and friendships. She shows how we can overcome the problems within our psyches and move from being losers in the game of life and love to being winners. She also demonstrates ways of getting what we need from others.

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