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2 Diabetes: An Everyday Guide

 Format: 5.5" x 8.5"  Author: Sasha Roberta Fenton  Category: Health & Healing  ISBN: 9781903065884  Pages: 164  Buy Now

An Incredibly Misunderstood Affliction…
Even by many diabetics themselves…

Sasha Fenton has type 2 herself, and wrote this book to share her personal research into the affliction. Full of waffle-free information, this book is an essential guide to dealing with an illness that can be life-threatening if not properly handled on a daily basis. Sasha’s usual easy-to-read, accessible writing style is clearly evident.

There’s much more to consider than just avoiding sugar; discovering that you have a chronic and incurable ailment is traumatic enough, but then you find so many different opinions about how to deal with the problem, that you may be excused for becoming depressed.

However, you can handle your life far better than you could have imagined. You don t have to be another statistic. You don t have to trust luck. On the other hand, don t assume that you have only a mild touch of diabetes – this is an ailment that grows on you, never leaves you, and needs to be dealt with – sensibly and competently, no matter how mild your case may be at present.

Sasha has written mainly about Type 2 diabetes, but there is valuable information here about Type I as well. There are over 3 million diabetics in the UK and at least 25 million in the USA. The numbers are rising, and it is vital to take control of your lifestyle.

This revised edition updates many developments that are so valuable in gaining mastery over this perplexing ailment

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